First things first
Because I work with a few different galleries on these rings it's imortant that I know where you saw my mountain jewelry. If you do contact me about these pieces please let me now where you saw my work. Thank you!

About the rings
In order to achieve contrast in my mountain ring designs I work in different colors of 14k gold. I use 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold and 14k red gold (a light copper color).

It’s important to take note of the 14k white gold as it contains nickel and up to 20% of people are allergic to it or can become allergic to it. On the other hand approximately 80% of people have no problem with it at all. But, if you don’t know or are unsure about whether or not you might be allergic to 14k nickel white gold then it’s probably best to avoid it. An alternative to 14k nickel white gold is 14k palladium white gold. Instead of nickel the gold is alloyed with palladium which almost or maybe no one is allergic to. It’s a bit harder to work with and a bit more expensive but a surer bet if you’re unsure about a possible allergic reaction to 14k traditional (nickel) white gold.

I also combine sterling silver with 14k yellow gold. It makes a nice contrast but isn’t as durable as an all gold ring would be. But even if worn daily they will last for many years. How long depends a lot on your occupation. If you work I an office setting or something similar then a silver and gold ring will last indefinitely but if you work construction or any occupation where you work with your hands in a rugged environment then these rings will have a shorter life.

The materials you choose are, of course, up to you. If this is a lifetime ring then an all 14k gold ring is going to last longer, wear better and, of course, cost more than silver and gold. That said many people prefer the gold and silver combination rings.

Every piece of my jewelry is made indivdually, by hand, by myself.

The design process
In order to work with customers on ring design I've refined a process that is simple and has been very effective.

After getting a good sense of what you want your ring to look like I make a series of sketches, email them to you and refine the design based on your feedback. Sometimes it takes only a sketch or two and sometimes it can take many sketches spread over several months. My main goal is to make sure that you're completely happy with the design before a ring is made.

Once the design is approved by you and a 50% deposit is received delivery time is 3-6 weeks. I accomodate rush orders on a case by case basis.

Prices shown are based on a size 7, larger sizes will be slightly more. And please note that prices are subject to change. Contact me for a firm quote. If you'd like a custom design then once we finalize the design and you determine what materials you’d like to use I can give you a firm price. Sales tax (where applicable) and shipping will be determined when an order is placed.

Using old gold and diamonds
Sorry, but because of the way my jewelry is made using old gold simply isn't pratical. I don't use customer supplied stones.

On most of the rings the design runs nearly, but not all the way, around the ring. There's a small gap at the back of the ring to allow for resizing as needed.

Resizing - most of these rings contain a fair amount of gold or silver and gold and resizing beyond one half size either up or down may not be possible. It's important to get your ring size right the first time!

All of my work is fully guarateed as to workmanship and materials.

I can accept Mastercard, Visa or personal checks. The best way to arrange a purchase is to contact me with the contact form or call me at 509-997-9707 (Pacific Time). The best and safest way to transmit credit card information is by a phone call.

At this time I ship only to the U.S.

In general I try to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your needs. If you have any questions or thoughts please don't hesitate to contact me.